Tuesday, April 6, 2010

MOVIES from Peru...and good bye Lima

There is too much to say about leaving Peru. Too many beautiful people to thank, too many projects to praise, too much left behind. Plus, I've been in Spain for the past three weeks, and am only moving forward with things between Spain and Morocco. But I still want to give homage to what I feel has been one of the most enriching experiences of my life. 18 weeks in Peru, and more specifically in Lima. S

So, for your viewing pleasure, below are a few videos taken from my time in Peru.

This is my improvised speech at the closing ceremony of the first session of the junior lifeguard program...I almost started to cry.

Here, we're swimming with a bunch of dolphins at Puerto Viejo, a beautiful beach south of Lima. Honestly, I have never been surrounded by so many dolphins.

Here, just yelling because we are so damn happy. Still at Puerto Viejo, with the dolphins.

Here,the take off for the 2500m race at El Dia de Travesias, a day of open water swimming competition that we organized in Lima, with over 140 participants.

Here is the traditional fan that is done to commemorate the end of the lifeguard course, and now, the junior lifeguard course

Here, the photo presentation for the ceremony of the second session of the junior lifeguard program. It was really funny, but you may have had to taken part in the course to really get the humor.

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